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We created a mobile app to help police officers and other first responders communicate with their support network during crisis situations with the highest possible security standards.

With more than 15 years in market and 25 projects completed DigitalBlue develops technology solutions for governments, partners, and clients organizations.

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About EnforceNet

Digital Blue is a public safety company offering iOS and Android apps designed to make life easier for police officers in the field. Their apps enable access to a Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) from a smartphone or tablet and as such, require the highest security standards.

The company’s goal, first and foremost, is to improve public safety. They aim to do this by creating a network of first responders using open standards and a mobile-first approach that addresses the needs of these professionals while in the field. They turned to Making Sense for help with developing the required software.

Security people
Security people
Security people

The starting point

They needed a Mobile Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) that:

  • Give optimum experience for public safety officials.
  • Provide highly accurate information of call for service situations.
  • Facilitates the receipt of near real-time emergency alerts.
  • Should be easily used for officials.
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The goal

To provide visibility to public safety officials

Our main goal was to create a software designed to provide visibility to public safety officials about conflict situations, leveraging a timely common operating picture to articulate actions and maximize mission success.

What we did!

We created a public safety software that allows to receive near real-time emergency alerts on the Mobile through a CAD system. The app is CJIS Compliant, Mobile first approach with a non proprietary public safety network. This all-inclusive software suite includes BOLO alerts, mapping, alert system, chats, system records, among others.

App module App module
App module

A strong solution

The tech stack

We decided to work with Docker 18 to encapsulate apps into services, .NETCore 2.0 as a development platform for our Backend services, RabbitMQ 3.7 as our queue server to process messages asynchronously and PostgreSQL 10.4 as our database storage.

We choose Xamarin as our Mobile development framework, Google Maps and Google Routing API as a map location and routing service.

  • Front-End
  • Back-End
  • UX/UI
  • PA
  • QA
  • PM
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  • Tech Kubernetes.
  • Tech Xamarin.
  • Tech ASP .NET.
  • Tech .Net Core.
  • Tech RabbitMQ.
  • Tech PostgreSQL.
  • Tech Docker.


The created app CJIS Compliant and Mobile first approach integrates with an existing CAD installed on the officers’ iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

This public safety software facilitates the receipt of near real-time emergency alerts, including “Be On the Look-Out” (BOLO) alerts, mapping, alert system, chats, records, and more.

  • Stronger communication system.
  • Efficient, synchronized and secured operations.
  • Position and historical information tracking.
  • Maximize mission success.
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    Even though the public safety industry is a difficult one, Making Sense was able to deliver an incredible user experience and robust implementation.
    Wade Powell CEO at DigitalBlue Software, LLC
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